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No Cost to You ... For A Short Time!
Print Your Own Travel and Entertainment Discount Certificates

To Give Away as Incentive to Increase Sales & Leads!

Imagine separating yourself from your competition by offering your customers an incentive to do business with you. Now, image that you could give away as many incentives as you want without an additional fee.

We make it extremely affordable for any business, large or small, to use discount certificates as incentive. No need to purchase certificates individually, you can print unlimited number of all certificates in every category at NO CHARGE TO YOU!

Feel free to Create/Print One, 100, or 1,000 (in English or Spanish)
And you can customize the certificates to feature
"Compliments of: YOUR BUSINESS NAME"

Here are a few benefits using our incentives:

  • Increase Sales up to 40%.
  • Reduce Advertising Costs.
  • Attract New Visitors to Your Store or Website.
  • Encourage Repeat Business.
  • Upgrade Sales, Purchases, and Renewals and a lot more!
Use the certificates in all your promotions including: Online, Telemarketing, Single Copy Inserts, Newspaper, Retention Department, Direct Mail for both new and previous customers. Simply incorporate our promotional certificates into your regularly scheduled advertising program and easily make your campaign unique. The perceived value of the certificates influences an amazing response from recipients. Also use the certificates to generate referrals from your network of business colleagues.

Think about how much more your company could make
if you could generate up to 40 percent more business!

These certificates provide huge savings in every area of the Travel and Entertainment Industry such as: Hotels, Restaurants, Cruises, Airfare Packages, Vacation Packages, Car Rentals, Theme Parks, Featured Tours and Activities, Attractions, Movie Theaters, Golf Shopping and much more!

To understand the value of this offer see the selling price of similar certs
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The certificates are "PDF" documents (in English or Spanish) that can be distributed online or printed out, and can be redeemed by the end user online, by fax, or by mail.

The Certificates are yours to give away in any quantity you want for just
the cost of printing or even no cost if you send them by email!


How the Certificates Work

All our certificates have high-perceived value.

The certificate holder will pay a small processing and handling fee to redeem the certificate to receive what the certificate offers.

The certificates list the terms and conditions of the offer so the person is aware of everything before redeeming it.

  • 3 Day Hotel Vacation Getaway
  • 3 Day Family Vacation Getaway
  • Free Companion Cruise
  • $1,000 Restaurant & Grocery Savings
  • $1,000 Auto Discounts
  • $500 Pharmacy Discounts
  • Golf Membership Discounts
  • Shopping Discounts
  • Hotel Discounts
  • Resort and Condo Discounts
  • Car Rental Discounts
  • Cruise Discounts
  • Movie Ticket Discounts
  • Condo Membership Club
  • Lifetime Gold Membership
  • $25/50/100/250/500 in Dining Discounts
  • Vegas VIP Getaway Experience
  • Private Travel Discounts
  • 7 Night RESORT Vacation Getaway
  • 5 Day HAWAII Vacation Getaway
  • 4 Day All-Inclusive CARIBBEAN Vacation
  • 4 Day All-Inclusive JAMAICA Vacation
  • 4 Day All-Inclusive MEXICO Vacation
  • 5 Day MEXICO Vacation Getaway
  • 8 Night MEXICO Vacation Getaway
  • Choose Your Vacation Certificate
  • Multi Vacation - 3 Separate Getaway
  • FREE Companion Airfare Ticket
  • 2 Night Hotel With RT Airfare Ticket
  • FREE Airfare w/Purchase of Resort Getaway
  • 8/6/4/3 Day Cruises Certificates
  • 8 Day Cruises Certificates
  • 6 Day Cruises Certificates
  • 4 Day Cruises Certificates
  • 3 Day Cruises Certificates
  • Choose Your Cruise 3, 5, or 7 Nights
Print Your Custom Certs

Some Suggestion on How to Use the Certs

More Sales / New Customers:
Buy X products get a "3 Day Hotel Vacation Getaway Certificate"
Try our new Product get a "$1000 Restaurant & Grocery Savings Certificate"
Take a test drive and get a "$1000 Auto Discounts Certificate"
Attend our Grand Opening and receive a "Movie Ticket Discounts Certificate"

Customer Loyalty:
Thank for being a long time customer, please enjoy "100 Discount Dining Dollars Certificate"

Elicit Referral:
Refer a relative or friend and get a "Cruise Discounts Certificate"

Employee Incentive:
Reach X Sales and receive an amazing "Vegas VIP Getaway Experience Certificate"

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